airpay is India's first integrated omnichannel financial services platform. airpay has nearly a decade of experience as a payments aggregator. Our financial services platform is used by Consumers, Businesses, Banks and Financial Institutions from all around the world. We collaborate with over 200+ financial institutions and over 1000 business partners worldwide.

We've established ourselves as a preferred partner and advisor for providing financial services technology and last-mile enablement.

As a brand philosophy, airpay aims to make formal financial services accessible to everyone, powered by a passion for technology and a soul for everything Indian.

Inclusive mind, technologist heart and Indian soul

Our Vision

Become the global leader who enables financial services, empowering individuals and businesses through seamless transactions and unparalleled financial experiences

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the diverse needs of consumers, businesses, banks, and financial institutions by fostering strategic collaborations with the ecosystem, providing innovative solutions, promoting financial inclusivity, and driving economic growth on a global scale

Our Values

  • Transformational

    Lead change by empowering the world financially, one transaction at a time

  • Innovative

    Imaginative, futuristic, and unique, we bring original ideas to life

  • Experimental

    We are risk-takers who often challenge the status quo

  • Authentic

    We are relatable, simple, practical, and consistent

  • Empowering

    Enabling growth, self-belief, confidence, and independence